Great impact is done through collective effort.

Sending eco friendly makes people feel special and cared about.

The social impact

Sending words of love is a small and simple yet significant gesture. Science has shown that receiving a handwritten card has a great emotional impact and makes people feel special and cared about. We make it easy for you to do this even more thoughtful. The thought for your loved one and for our beloved planet. 

A simple task that we take very seriously.

If we genuinely care about our loved ones, we make sure that the world we live in stays green and beautiful as we all are a part of it. We take our responsibility for this cause. The making of our eco friendly greeting cards contributes to our fight against harmful practices that damage the environment. We want our positive impact to be as big as possible.

Everyone is part of a wolfpack

The name Tickled Wolf is inspired by the unique and strong emotional bonds between wolfs in a pack. Everyone is part of a wolfpack, whether it is the family you’re born into or the family you choose in your life, both ties are equally important.

An old expression

As for the old expression β€œto be tickled pink”, it refers to the smile on your face when a personal card reaches your mailbox. This smile is universal. The thought of someone thinking of you simply makes a heart go fonder.

Meaningful moments of connection.

Our family and friends are our pillars of love, support and joy. We design eco friendly greeting cards to celebrate traditional holidays, key milestone moments such as weddings, baby showers and graduations, as well as recurring everyday events such as birthdays and anniversaries with them. Great impact is done through collective effort so let’s join together and send eco friendly greeting cards worldwide!

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